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The Nile| culture combines internally crafted & limited edition art, film, photography & articles, heavily focusing on cultural diversity in our world's past, present & future. We work toward a biannual exhibit featuring controversial mixed media art installations, with an exclusive & prevailing collection to support it. The Nile| culture is also aligned with various charitable foundations & organizations in an attempt to cultivate awareness and financial backing for critical and life changing issues. Our unique brand of conservation education encourages individuals to become ambassadors of the natural world.  Annual publications are set to outline a year of art, culture, knowledge and achievements.





Artwork by Kirsten Brophy

Artwork by Kirsten Brophy


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concept creation & development

The Nile| culture works first hand with clients to discuss goals and expectations while generating ideas. Research and development is key to the process in understanding every aspect of the cause/project to create a proposal. The Nile reaches out to contacts while sourcing, connecting and approaching artists to collaborate and contribute.


product design & creative concepts

The Nile understands the importance of creating a unique experience from clients to guests. By formulating ideas, concepts and products, The Nile tailors each project to the cause, client and/or foundation. 


venue & location sourcing

The Nile| culture works with clients to source venues (galleries, warehouses, unique, etc.) to specialized destination locations and remote havens.


Roger Ballen 'Caught Out' 2017

Roger Ballen 'Caught Out' 2017


During the idea phase, a large part of each proposal will include interiors and installations to set the mood for the entire evening, trip, or sequence. The Nile will source materials or props necessary and provides a professional team to execute. The Nile design team has over 10 years experience with layout design, interiors, merchandising and installations.



In addition to a list of contacts The Nile will bring to the table, we actively source new talent and creative visionaries as each concept will have a different assortment of artistic mastery to create a specialized experience. The Nile believes in creative freedom to add more life to each project; artists are given the opportunity to assist in the creative process and collaborate to add value.


CONNECTIng clients to causes & foundations

The Nile seeks to work with both clients to organize projects and foundations to execute events to maximize fundraising opportunities. Connecting clients to causes and foundations as well as connecting foundations to clients, benefactors and artists, are part of how we find success in each experience.


leveraging existing projects/products for collaboration

The Nile will research and find other projects/products that have aligned goals and parallel narratives to tie together with proposed project. The Nile merges with other businesses or products and promotes growth to enhance experience, awareness, and expand the concept and success of the overall venture for greater effectiveness.

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