the nile| culture

The Nile| culture is seeking artists of all disciplines with an interest in preserving the rhino species. We are in the process of building an experimental publication consisting of inspiring literature and captivating art aimed at advocating awareness around the rhino poaching crisis, while raising funds for the rhinos and rangers on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. We are working closely with Lewa and their anti-poaching team to get up to date information and track our progress through the duration of the project.

Spanning across recycled paper pages, the publication has a clear conservation mission in mind. The goal is a collaborative, image-driven celebration of the inspiring strength of rhinos and their supportive community. The book's emphasis is creative literature and imagery, meant to stir the senses and reach humanity's elemental imagination. Proceeds generated from publication sales will assist in nurturing and protecting the young, as they are the rhinos of the future.

We are asking you to create a message of the rhino’s significance, strength or struggle to be displayed within a double-page full spread format. You should then submit images of the finished art along with any creative instructions for both print and online viewing. The final piece will be a powerful symbol of artist activism as well as a stand against the mass slaughtering of wild rhino across their ranges. 

* All physical creations may be donated to the gallery event during Toronto International Film Festival where they will be displayed as per artist request and sold/auctioned with proceeds given to your outlet of choice within Lewa's donation program.



There is no compensation for any submissions. All proceeds made from this project will be donated to The Rhino Project on Lewa Wildlife Trust. By submitting the design files, the participant is agreeing to these conditions. 

Materials for Submission

  • Contract signed and submitted
  • Name to be addressed by
  • Logo or signature 
  • Images of art, written, instructions, etc.
  • Images sent in jpeg format
  • 300 image resolution




Please submit by July 25, 2017

Any physical artwork should be submitted by first week of September.





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