Eidos Candles

Eidos Candles

90.00 130.00

This candle represents the events of life. Our world is constantly changing. Nothing stands still in the face of time. Everything must renew so not to disrupt the endless cycle of reconciliation and war. A faithful accord between earth & its living.

Your purchase will support Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, securing a future for the Wild Rhinoceros. 

Two original M’ilima pillar candles; with the appearance of oxidization, corrosion, & distress. 


soy wax / paraffin blend - hand painted with a gold foil finish - cuban / tobacco / hearth scent - lead free pure cotton wick - made by hand

Small Eidos Candle

11 X 2 inches

Large Eidos Candle

13 X 2.5 inches