The Cruelty-Cutter App


| The Youth Generation | living in a world where we have access to more information than ever, we have more responsibilities than ever. It is not always easy to remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, find street recycling bins and remember to use the additional compost bin, let alone analyze the labels of products you buy and educate yourself on company standards and whether they test on animals. Don’t worry; the Beagle Freedom Project launched an app for that! 

The Cruelty-Cutter App helps you make decisions on whether you want to support or boycott your store bought items based on whether or not they test on animals. According to the organization 96% of the 65,000 dogs in the US experimental labs each year are Beagles. The Cruelty-Cutter App wants to make a difference and save the lives of these dogs and the other animals being tested. The App, which costs $3.79 to download, cleverly scans the product and allows the user to instantly learn about its animal testing status. For those who wish to be even more proactive, you can 'bite back' by posting shots to social media sites of 'cruel companies' to earn 'Doggie Dollars' for deals on Cruelty-Free products or give praise to the ‘Cruelty-Free’ companies. Companies that still choose to test on animals will get the message that Cruelty-Cutter users are against what they are doing. This will also help create a database of information from real customers that these companies can use in the future to show that the public is not interested in supporting companies that continue to unnecessarily test on animals. The App is right at your fingertips; it has never been easier to help.

 *To use this App, make sure you have an up-to-date Smartphone.

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