Brooklyn's Antisocial Subculture

Staples: rotten fish, off milk & moldy scraps


Commerical Street in Brooklyn, New York is home to several colonies of feral cats, roaming free without restrictions. A popular waterfront path for runners, bikers and dog walkers from the area; these cats have learned how to keep a safe distance from society while surviving amongst it.

“Feral” is a behavioral characteristic, not a biological one.
— Neighbourhood Cats Organization

Throughout the world, the population of feral or stray animals prowling the streets is inconceivable. ‘Neighborhood Cats’ is an organization that supports these animals from the sidewalks of NYC to Hawaii. Devoted to the TNR technique (Trap-Neuter-Return), they not only practice it, but also educate communities to properly care for their neighbourhood by keeping the population at bay. Adult cats are released back and have adapted to street life, while kittens are put up for adoption, escaping a future of potential hardship.

Although they lead a hard life, they have been provided with food and shelter by the organization so winter months are more manageable. To learn more, explore their website and share their story.