The Nile| culture believes introducing art with education to promote conservation presents new outreach opportunities essential to the outcome. Our purpose is to provide support and work alongside organizations whose goals align with our innovative conservation mission.

Photograph by Kirsten Brophy, 2017 Nairobi National Park

Photograph by Kirsten Brophy, 2017 Nairobi National Park


Rhino poaching is currently at a crisis point.


Almost two rhino a day are slaughtered for their horns to satisfy market demands, despite the well-publicized gravity of the situation. With each kilogram of horn retailing for over $65,000 US, the struggle for survival is at an all-time high.

The Nile| culture has created a collection of rhino horn inspired candles, a collaborative publication, and a short film to be debuted at our event during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Project goals include 1) fostering knowledge and positive attitudes towards wildlife, and 2) reinvesting funds into project initiatives supporting anti poaching strategies; wildlife management, conservation, security, research & monitoring, and care for orphan/habituated wildlife.

Rather than seeing the war against poaching as a futile endeavour, M'ilima is a celebration of recent conservation success while acknowledging a continuous battle we have yet to win.

Once species become extinct, no corrective legislation can bring them back—they are gone forever.
— Allen M Solomon