Across Africa & Asia, rhinos have suffered a catastrophic decline due to hunting for their horns and loss of their natural habitats. With your help, we can keep rhinos in the wild and save the species from extinction.


At its core, M'ilima is a creative project captivating the attention of intellectually and socially influential youth to campaign and cultivate the next generation of wildlife 'ambassadors'. This project aims to educate its audience about the crisis that rhinos currently face by embracing art as a form of advocacy. 'M'ilima' ("Mee Lee Ma"), meaning mountain in the Kiswahili language, is spoken in many countries in Eastern Africa. This word is symbolic of the rhino’s elongated keratin horns and reflective of the mountainous struggles these animals face. Through this sustainable and progressive project, we aim to provide support for a particular rhino conservation program taking place on the ground in Kenya. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy supports flourishing populations of both Black and Southern White rhino with its neighbouring contingency Borana Conservancy, which together hold 15% of Kenya's rhino population. The White rhino was introduced in Kenya as part of 'Operation Rhino', pioneered by Dr. Ian Player in the 1970's. Although not a native species, it has thrived in Kenya, and the country currently hosts about 400 individuals. If costly & innovative measures are not taken, the rhinoceros will be something future generations will only learn about in history books; like dinosaurs, mammoths, dodo birds, and the list continues. We hope to secure a future for these fascinating creatures and sustain the beauty & ecological integrity of the places they live. 

We are working to cultivate a locally supported event during the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada this September, with World Rhino Day to follow. We will advocate awareness and raise funds through donation & product sales, while motivating others to join the fight. Collaboration with videographers, photographers and other industry creatives, we will implement a powerful marketing strategy around the curated event; including the debut of an avant-garde short film. Involving the efforts of the visionary talents of local and international artists, we hope to reach a wider audience and create an impact on multiple levels. Art has always had the means to provide a powerful rebuttal to the corruption of culture. Our strength as a movement lies in a collective revolutionary ideology.