We aim to raise a minimum of $75,000 during the event; between product sell outs, the artists’ auctioned work and a detailed ‘tier’ donation program for individuals to contribute to. Endorsing a project with a global impact will benefit your personal conservation goals and send a strong message to your following. With a multi-faceted marketing plan, you will be recognized for your efforts not only for the event, but for the species.

It is important for the future of the rhinoceros to amplify our objective, requiring an ingenious strategy to broaden our reach and put forth a voice to their struggle. Our artists are well-known, avant-garde and underground; our voice requires a similar stature. One with strength, attitude, and a perspective on the greater good. We feel you embody the qualities to help us make a difference for this deteriorating species.

Based on your past initiative with environmental activism, we feel your involvement in the M’ilima project is vital. The Nile| culture would be honoured to have you involved in one or all of the following ways.

  1. Be the voice of our short film, scripted by one of our talented writers and shot by a renowned Kenyan filmmaker.
  2. Attend and speak at the event, be the face of our project to media outlets.
  3. Radio interview [with 102.1 the edge] regarding your conservation work and the M'ilima project. On air with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy & The Nile| culture.
  4. A full spread in our publication outlining your artist biography and conservation statement, alongside your photograph and any creative additives. 
  5. Visit the Lewa Anti-Poaching headquarters in 2018, to meet the Lewa Conservancy team in Kenya. As well as a 30% discounted, privately guided, 10 day luxury wildlife safari across Kenya's most authentic landscapes.

The Nile| culture will provide you with an amount for travel, accommodation and transportation costs for the event.

M'ilima will be heavily marketed in avenues including; radio, magazines, websites, etc. As the face and voice of the project, we would request rights to use your name, photograph, biography, conservation background and involvement with the project to be displayed on our social media pages and company website. Marketing strategies and promotional items such as; brochures, invites, content packages, interviews (written or verbal) will require use of your name and possibly photograph to promote the event and give recognition to your support.

Being associated to a foundation such as the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, will forever connect you to Africa and the rhinoceros which will carry the name M'ilima for years to come. A symbol of our success in the preservation of a prehistoric species.


We thank you in advance for your time.


The Nile| culture